Review: Wait For You

Title: Wait For You
Series: Wait For You #1
Author: J. Lynn (Jennifer L. Armentrout)
Published: February 26th 2013
Genre: New Adult Romance

“I want to be here with you, Avery. You don't have to worry about impressing me or wowing me. You've already done that.” - Cam


After reading this book all I want is a pet turtle…and some of Cam's cookies *wink wink*


The story:
This story was so addictive, I just couldn't put it down. I got so invested in their story. The main storyline follows Avery and her relationship with Cam. They get to know each other as partners in Astronomy class, and they also live across the hall from each other.

The book spans almost an entire year, which I felt made the story much more believable. All the progress that Avery makes personally & in her relationship with Cam is realistic because it doesn't just happen in matter of weeks. She doesn't just suddenly become this confident person & declare her love for Cam, she has setbacks along the way and has to work hard to make the changes in her life she wants to make. 

The characters:
Cam…well what can I say, he is absolutely amazing *squeal*. He's funny, confident and really cares about Avery. I want to say that he's protective of her, but that just gives me images of him following her & watching her sleep (which he doesn't do). He can see that she is dealing with something & he just wants to help her through that. He's so patient & understanding, which is so adorable.

Avery was interesting, because on the outside she is very reserved, especially around Cam when she first meets him. But in her narration she has such a vibrant personality. I think this really shows how much her past still effects her socially. She doesn't really trust anyone to show them her true personality. But throughout the story we see her grow and become more confident - eventually letting Cam in to see the real Avery.

The romance:
Avery & Cam's relationship was written beautifully. It began as a friendship & as they grew closer, Cam suggests he wants more than just friendship. At first Avery thinks he's just joking, but gradually he breaks down her walls and their romance develops. They actually spend a lot of time together, just talking & getting to know each other properly (with a little bit of flirting perhaps…)

I loved how realistic the romance between them is, Cam's aware that she's never been in a relationship before and never tries to push her into something she's not ready for. But as he starts to realise that she's hiding something from him, he does get upset that she can't trust him enough to tell him. That's such a realistic response, he was open with her and shared his secret, so of course he would expect the same in return.

Their love scenes were also beautiful, and thanks Lynn for not suddenly turning Avery into a sex goddess. She was nervous & I loved how Cam was so gentle & spoke so sweetly with lines like "May, I?" and "Is this okay?" - is was so sweet and tender.

The Writing:
After reading Armentrout's book Obsidian I felt she had a very distinct writing voice, and it was definitely evident in this book too. There is a sarcastic humour throughout all the character's dialogue & narrator's thoughts, which I really enjoyed. It's unique and gives the characters such strong personalities. The playful banter, especially between Avery & Cam was hilarious. 

"I'm beginning to think cookies is a code word for something else."
"Maybe it is."…."And just think about it. If cookie was a code word, whatever it symbolised, it's been in your mouth, sweetheart"…

I love when a book can make me laugh out loud (a little embarrassing when someone catches me grinning like an idiot, but hey, it happens).

I suppose there were a few grammar & spelling mistakes, but nothing that really bothered me. This is certainly one of the best self published books that I've read.

Overall this was a really great read. It tackles the very serious & heavy topic of sexual assault but Lynn manages to effectively add some laughter & comedy to lift the story. Dramatic, touching and a beautifully entertaining read! I am absolutely dying to read the next book!

Sexuality: strong / descriptive sex scenes, flashbacks of sexual assault
Violence: medium / flashbacks of a sexual assault and a bashing
Language: medium / regular use of f**k
Drugs & alcohol: medium / underage drinking at parties, main character gets drunk
Other: **spoiler**Avery has a scar on her wrist from an attempted suicide **end spoiler**

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