{ARC Review + GIVEAWAY} Let Me Know by Stina Lindenblatt

Title: Let Me Know
Series: Lost In You #2
Author: Stina Lindenblatt
Published: 1st September 2014
Age Group: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: eARC provided by publisher for fair & honest review
Rating: 5/5

This shouldn't be happening again…

Amber Scott thought her screaming nightmares would end now that her stalker is locked up and awaiting trial. But they return when her slam-dunk case starts to fall apart. Explicit letters she allegedly wrote surface, suggesting she was the mastermind behind her assault, a willing victim.

Amber only feels safe in the arms of her boyfriend Marcus, the one person she can lean on. Until damning evidence from Marcus's past collides with the case and the media circus drags them both down. To protect Amber's reputation, Marcus has only one option: end their relationship. He won't risk further damage to her case, even if it means breaking her heart.

Amber has to find the strength to step into the spotlight and bring awareness to victims' rights before she's convicted in the court of public opinion. And she's really not sure what's worse—that her kidnapper could walk free, or that the seemingly endless attention and speculation will drive Marcus away permanently…

See how it all began for Amber and Marcus in Tell Me When.

A simply beautiful conclusion to Marcus & Amber's harrowing story 

The story:
Let Me Know is a continuation of Amber & Marcus's story, which began in book #1: Tell Me When.

After finally starting to heal from the trauma of her kidnapping and torture, Amber is starting to find something close normality. She's found friends she feels safe with and boyfriend she loves and trusts. But just as she starts to move forward with her life, everything starts to unravel before her eyes. Her rock solid case against her kidnapper/stalker starts to fall apart due to some new 'evidence', that conveniently suggests Amber is lying. Amber's entire life, including her relationship with Marcus's is thrown in the media spotlight and the press hound Amber with the lies and controversy surrounding her. 

Marcus is also facing new challenges of his own, with his stepfather on trial, Marcus must decide if he's ready to reveal the truth behind his childhood abuse, or remain silent, and let his abuser continue hurting other boys.

Both Marcus and Amber's courage is put to the test as they battle their own demons, but is their relationship strong enough to survive?

The characters:
Amber has come a long way since we first met her. She's stronger and more determined than ever to put her past behind her. But she still has a lot of issues to work through. It was great to see her reconnect with her old friend and also get back to playing basketball. It showed that she was trying to get back to being to person she want to be. She didn't trust rely on Marcus to 'save' her, she works hard to find peace.

Marcus is such an amazing guy, who would do absolutely anything for Amber. But when it comes to himself, he still believes he's not good enough. It takes a lot of courage to come forward and confront the pain of his childhood, but once he does you could actually feel the weight lifted of his shoulder; almost like he could finally breathe again. It was simply beautiful to see him become overcome his inner demons and transform into a man.

All of the secondary characters are also really well fleshed out. Amber's mother made me so angry sometimes, but despite her mistakes, it was clear she loved Amber dearly. And we get to see more of Amber & Marcus' best friends Chase & Jordan - oh boy is there a story to tell with those two!

The romance:
Amber & Marcus have their fair share of challenges thrown at them in this book. Their trust in each other is tested on numerous occasions, and at times it felt like everyone was out to tear them apart. But to see them come through it all, made them a stronger couple and it only made their love more powerful. The great thing about them, was that they supported one another through their dramas, there was no dominant character, leaning more heavily on the other; it was just mutual support.

The writing:
I love Stina's writing style. It's very emotive, and flows beautifully. I felt contacted to the characters from very early on and cried several times at the pain these characters go through. There are lots of complex emotions, from anger, pain, love and passion, and you feel everything along with the characters

Let Me Know is a simply beautiful conclusion to Marcus & Amber's harrowing story. I have my fingers crossed for Chase & Jordan's story next, I'm just not ready to leave this world of character yet!

Sexuality: medium / some sex scenes
Violence: medium-strong / several reference & descriptions of sexual assault & torture
Language: medium / several f words
Drugs & alcohol: medium


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