{Tour Review} Surrendering To Us by Chelsea M Cameron

Title: Surrendering To Us
Series: Surrender Saga #2
Author: Chelsea M. Cameron
Published: Jan 9th 2014
Age Group: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: eARC provided by author for fair & honest review
Rating: 4/5

They're finally together. But the Universe seems intent on tearing them apart…

Rory Clarke might not be Lucah Blythe's boss anymore, but that doesn't mean they can sneak off to the boardroom for hot sex whenever they want. Keeping their hands off each other in the workplace is harder than they could have imagined, and that's not the only obstacle they have to deal with. Between Lucah's troublesome brother Ryder, and Rory's bff Sloane's inability to understand locked doors, they're drowning in drama.

But it's only about to get a lot worse when a blast from Lucah's past surfaces, and chaos at Clarke Enterprises threatens to take away everything Rory has worked so hard for. Can the couple weather the storm and surrender to each other, or will the challenges of staying together destroy their relationship for good?

The story:
I was actually quite surprised that 2nd book in the series was a continuation of Lucah & Rory's story. Since I felt their story had reached it's conclusion, I was a little worried that this book might be a little flat and boring, however Cameron proved me wrong! With an exciting new story, with the board of directors trying to overthrow Rory & her father, Rory's new assistant, and ex girlfriend turning up, there was plenty of action going on. Not to mention we are treated to a lot more scenes involving Lucah's brother Ryder, which I was trilled about! He's troubled and damaged, but his connection with Sloane was intense and their story has been set up perfectly for the 3rd book in the series, which focusses on their story!

The characters:
We learn a lot more about Lucah's past, and see a new vulnerable side to him. He's been very closed off about his childhood, and doesn't like to talk about his parents. However with his brother around, it's impossible for him to ignore it and watching him confront some of his grief was heartbreaking.

Rory is a bit stronger in this book, however she's still the worrying overachieving girl I loved from Sweet Surrendering. She's does struggle to deal with Ryder's presence at first, with the two of them clashing heads numerous times. However I felt that she handled everything really well - much better than she would have before she met Lucah.

Ryder, oh what can I say about this dark brooding mess of man. He's got many many issues and has a filthy mouth, but that's what makes him so irresistible. He and Sloane have such a strong attraction to one another and she brings out a very different side to him, which I'm excited to see more of in the next book.

The romance:
I have to say that I was thrilled that Lucah & Rory's romance didn't follow the usual trend of having a massive fight or break up just for the sake of creating unnecessary romantic drama. In fact their romance grew stronger than ever and even though they were faced with many problems, they overcame them together. I absolutely loved their new little tradition of sharing their worries each night before going to sleep, it was so sweet! And of course Chelsea doesn't disappoint on the sexiness, with lots of yummy scenes to enjoy!

The Writing:
I've read several of Chelsea's books now and am coming to love her unique and quirky voice. All her characters have a hilarious sense of humour, with incredible one liners than have me in stitches. She's writes character that I wish were real, just so I could be friends with them!

With an exciting new story and fresh new characters introduced, this made for an excellent sequel. I can't wait to see Sloane & Ryder's story play out in the next installment, I have a feeling it's going to be amazing!

Sexuality: strong / several sex scenes
Violence: none
Language: medium-strong / frequent f words
Drugs & alcohol: mild



  1. Great Review Amy!!! Rory and Lucah sound like such a sweet couple. I like the idea of sharing your worries with your partner each night. I'm glad that the author didn't add unnecessary drama to their relationship. Aso, this Ryder sounds yummy! I'm glad you enjoyed this one :)

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

    1. Thanks Lindy! It's true, Ryder is seriously yummy, I'm really looking forward to seeing more of him ;)

  2. Great review. I really enjoyed this book to.


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