Review: My Favourite Mistake by Chelsea M Cameron

Title: My Favourite Mistake
Series: My Favourite Mistake #1
Author: Chelsea M Cameron
Published: 28th Sept 2012
Age Group: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: Purchased paperback
Rating: 4/5

Taylor Caldwell can't decide if she wants to kiss her new college roommate, or punch him.

On the one hand, Hunter Zaccadelli is a handsome blueeyed bundle of charm. On the other, he's a tattooed, guitarplaying bad boy. Maybe that's why Taylor's afraid of falling in love with him...or anyone else. She doesn't want to get burned, so she needs him gone before it's too late.

Hunter himself has been burned before, but Taylor's refusal to let him get away with anything makes her irresistible. Determined not to be kicked out of her life without a fight, Hunter proposes a bet: if she can convince him she loves or hates him, he'll leave the apartment for good.

But when the man behind Taylor's fear of giving up her heart resurfaces, she has to decide: trust Hunter with her greatest secret, or do everything in her power to win that bet and drive him away forever.

The story:
From the beginning it's clear that Taylor is hiding a 'dark secret' in her past. She doesn't trust guys and comes across as a little aggressive towards them - even being labeled as the Ice Queen in high school. We are given a enough snippets and hints as to what her secret is that we have a pretty good idea as to what happened. However the main point of the story is not guessing what her issues are, but watching her overcome them - this is the strongest part of the story.

Sharing a room with Hunter forces Taylor to confront her demons and soon she starts to see that not all men are bad. Hunter works hard to break through her cold attitude and as they learn to live together, they start to realise they may not want to live without one another.

Is it unlikely that a college would be assign a guy as the new roommate to 3 girls and do nothing about it when they complained...well yeah. But do I care that it's not 100% accurate of real way!! I read these books for entertainment and that's exactly what this book did! The ending was super sweet and made kinda jealous of Taylor.

The characters:
While Taylor does struggle to deal with her past, she doesn't always come across as weak, in fact quite the opposite. She stands up for herself both physically and verbally (which did create some funny scenes). However for those who don't know her, this creates the impression that she's a 'man hater' - something she's never worried about in the past. But with Hunter on the scene he see past this and challenges her view of men.

Hunter is the typical tattooed bad boy. From the moment we meet him he's arrogant and unapologetic about his confidence and flirtatious personality. He's the kinda guy that gets under your skin, but you just can't help but love him. He occasionally shows a vulnerable side, which Taylor brings out in him. Oh and he can cook...yummy

We also have some really good supporting characters with the other two roommates, Renee and Darah, Renee's on and off again boyfriend Paul and Hunter's cousin Mase, who also happens to be Darah's new love interest. The interactions between all these characters made for some of the best scenes in the book and also supplied plenty of laughs!

The romance:
At first glance Taylor and Hunter are quite different, but on a deeper level they are actually very similar. It's not just that they both have pasts they are trying to escape from, it's more than that. They share similar interests, in particular music and both have a similar sense of humour. I believed the attraction between them from the beginning, and loved watching them grown closer throughout the book. Hunter is sweet and protective of Taylor, which was really sweet to see from such a tough guy.

The Writing:
I loved how Chelsea has written a book with some heavy subject matter, but was able to maintain a lightness with plenty of humour. The dialogue is sharp and couldn't stop laughing at some of the conversations.

This was a really great start to a series, with a fresh and fun family of characters that I can't get enough of. I'm looking forward to reading My Sweetest Escape next, which follows Renee's sister, Jos!

Sexuality: medium-strong / sex scene
Violence: none
Language: medium / frequent f words
Drugs & alcohol: medium / some underage drinking 


  1. Great Review Amy! I'm so glad that you enjoyed this one! I love a strong female character that can stand up for herself and II sure do like it when a guy can cook! I'm glad you enjoyed this one so much :)

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

    1. Thanks Lindy! Any guy who cooks for a girl scores bonus sexy points ;)

  2. LOVED this review!!! Certainly love strong women who know what they want. This sounds like my kind of book. I am going to have to put this on my TBR.


    A Bookish Escape


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