Review: Keep Me Still by Caisey Quinn

Title: Keep Me Still (incl. Let You Leave prequel novella)
Author: Caisey Quinn
Published: August 1st 2013
Age Group: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: eARC provided by author for honest review
Rating: 5/5

Let You Leave Novella: 
Layla Flaherty had the perfect life, or close to it. Until a stranger gunned her parents down right in front of her, leaving her with seizure inducing PTSD. After years of trying to pass as normal and failing miserably, she resigns herself to being invisible. But new to town Landen O’Brien sees her, and he likes what he sees. Much to Layla’s surprise, he doesn’t freak out when she has a seizure in front of him. He does the exact opposite, calming her until the tremors subside. But Landen has secrets of his own. Secrets that will either bind them together or tear them apart.

Keep Me Still: 
Scarred by loss, Layla leaves her hometown of Hope Springs, Georgia, hoping to put her painful past behind her and start over in college in California. When she runs into Landen at freshmen orientation, she has a choice to make. Reinforce those steel walls she's built up around herself or give the only boy who can keep her still a second chance.

Landen’s more than ready to tear down those walls, but this time when they come crashing down, they might bury her

This was seriously one of the best books I have read this year!! And OMG I will seriously NEVER EVER think of a cherry the same way again….EVER!!!!

The story:
The novella Let You Leave, is kind of like an extra long prologue, and it sets the story up beautifully, with Landen and Layla meeting in their last year of high school. Layla is the social pariah of the school, something that new student Landen can't understand. He befriends her and so begins their epic relationship.

The main story Keep Me Still picks up their story when they go off to college, where their relationship teeters between friendship and romance. Layla struggles to keep her 'secret' from her new friends, afraid she will once again become an outcast, just as she's starting to find her feet. Meanwhile, Landen is also hiding something, the question is what is his big secret and what will happen when Layla finds out?

The characters:
After a traumatic childhood experience & and awkward high school social life, Layla really starts to come out of her shell in college. She's a sweet and innocent character, who's been hiding from life…until now. She embraces her new found freedom and starts to discover who she is. I loved watching her grow into the person she wanted to be, rather than what other thought she should be.

Landen…sexy, sweet caring Landen, he is the ultimate book boyfriend and I love him! He's a very realistic character and does make mistakes and bad decision like all of us, and that just made him all the more likeable (and swoon worthy). The whole way through the book, you can see and feel how much he cares for Layla, not just with what he says but with his actions too. I don't think I could ever get enough Landen.



The romance:
I personally think Layla & Landen are one of my All-Time-Favourite-Couples, along with "Ross & Rachel", and of course "Cinderella & Prince Charming"! I get that tingly feeling just thinking about them! Landen would do anything for Layla and proves this many times through the novel. And the love scenes…OH-MY-GOD they are epic and made of pure hotness. What I will refer to as 'The Cherry Scene' is hands down one of the most smokin hot scenes I have read! All I can say is you need to read this book if only for that scene alone…yes it was that good!

so sexy

The Writing:
Well it's no secret that I'm a bit of a fangirl of Caisey's, her books are romantic with swoon worthy heroes, and plenty of angst to keep you reading into the early hours of the morning. I think the strongest part of this book is the emotions that you feel - I was torn apart with sadness and put back together with all the romance!

This book made me feel every emotion possible, it had me laughing, crying and swooning!! It is most definitely one of the must read books of the year! I can't wait for the follow up novella, because I will never get enough Layla & Landen! Caisey can you pleeeeeease release it now…pretty please…with a cherry on top ;)

Sexuality: strong / descriptive sex scenes
Violence: mild
Drugs & alcohol: mild

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