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I am super excited to be hosting the awesome Magan Vernon on the Indie-Credible Tour! I absolutely LOVE her books, they sweet, funny, emotional, romantic and quite often down right sexy!!

Magan's Books:

Published books:
How To Date An Alien (My Alien Romance #1) 
How To Break Up With An Alien (My Alien Romance #2)
How To Marry An Alien  (My Alien Romance #3)
My Paper Heart (My Paper Heart #1)

Upcoming Releases:
The Only One - Oct 10th 2013 (REVIEW)
One Wild Night - Dec 5th 2013
On Paper Wings (My Paper Heart #2) - 2014

Interview with Trey & John Boy:
Today Magan has kindly allowed me to interview my two favourite characters Trey & John Boy from The Only Exception & The Only One! 

Amy: Well hello there Trey & John Boy & welcome to The Reading Realm! I'm so excited to be drooling *cough* sorry I mean interviewing you today! Okay now, lets jump right into the questions:
Q. So you two must know each other pretty well, so tell us something about the other that nobody else knows?
John: Trey watches chick flicks
Trey: *glares at him* I only watch them when Monica wins an argument. It’s not like I seek out to watch them.
John: Dude, you totally like that shit.
Trey: Some of those movies have a good storyline and the actors can portray their characters very well.
John: *rolls eyes* That’s such a lame ass political answer.
Trey: Fine. Then what about your big secret?
John: I don’t keep secrets. I’m an open book.
Trey: The fact that you like to use Melanie’s body wash is definitely something that you don’t share with everyone.
John: Son of a bitch, Chapman. You know what? Sometimes I like that chick smelling stuff, but did you need to tell the whole world that a dude likes that?
Trey: *raises hands* I’m just answering honestly.

Q. When you each first set eyes on your lovely ladies Monica and Melanie what was the first thing you noticed/thought about them?
Trey: The first thing I noticed about Monica was, of course, her hair. There something incredibly sexy about a redhead and the personality that goes with it. When she opened her mouth to speak was when I knew she was a goner. She has the fieriest personality and I can’t resist a girl that challenges me.
John: I’d seen Melanie a few times at the coffee shop she works at. Always with her head down and not paying much attention to me. But when I first caught her out of her element at the party; the way she looked at me all wide-eyed  I knew I had to take the put together girl and get her out of her element. 

Q. If you could go back in time and change one thing what would it be?
Trey: You can’t change the past. You can only learn from it as you move forward.
John: That is such a freaking politically correct answer
Trey:  But it’s true. Do you really think that there is any point on trying to dwell on going back and changing things? Don’t you think I would kill to go back and change what happened to Monica if I could? But I can’t. And everything really does happen for a reason. If none of that would have happened she might not have transferred and I would have never met the girl her. *eyes John* And what if things never happened with Melanie? What if you weren’t there with her? Would things still bet he same?
John:  *Thinks on it for a moment, then lets out a deep breath* You’re right. As always.  I wish I could change the shit that Melanie went through. I don’t want to say that what happened to her changed at all how I felt about her, but seeing her crumble and being there for her was the first moment I knew I would do anything for that girl.

Q. At the Alpha Mu Halloween party you both wear some sexy costumes, do these ever get used for any…um…extracurricular actives?
Trey: That’s sort of a personal question. And I’m not really a boxers type guy.
John: Every day she lets me wear the loincloth.
Amy: *mumbles* I bet she would

Q. Trey, you and Monica have some very fiery political 'discussions', how do you have such a strong relationship with such different opinions?
Trey: I think that you can’t have a good relationship with someone if you aren’t honest. You can’t just always bend to what someone else wants or it makes life boring and at least one person will get sick of always being the pushover and the relationship wont work. Monica has never just bent to what I wanted and I haven’t done the same for her. We make exceptions for each other, but I love our debates before it happens.
John: You just like debating with her so you can get a prize if you win. By prize I mine *makes an inappropriate hand gesture.*
Trey:  Really? Another sex joke?
John: I aim to please.

Q. John, you and Melanie deal with some very heavy issues early in the relationship, do you think that added more pressure or brought you closer together?
John: I think it did both. I don’t know how to explain it. I mean, it sucked that we barely even had a relationship forming and then it was like a volcano blew up in our face. We didn’t get to do all the first date formalities and it went into full-blown chaos. *rubs the back of his neck* But honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It may have been hectic. It may have been one of the most messed up relationships, but I love that girl more than anything. I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to have been there with her but me.

A Quickie with Trey:
Boxers, Briefs or Commando? 
Trey: I plead the fifth.
John: He wears those expensive, name brand boxer briefs!
Guilty pleasure? 
Trey: Dancing with the Stars
Most embarrassing memory? 
Trey: When my mom…the cleaning lady…and the gardener walked in on me and Monica. All in the same day.
Quirky habits? 
Trey: Monica probably has a lot to say about this.
John: He shoves his hands in his pockets whenever he’s trying to appear distinguished or really nervous.
Trey: John she didn’t ask you.
John: Someone had to give a real answer.
Pet peeve? 
Trey: People that say ‘swag’ and ‘yolo’ 
Do you have a life motto? 
Trey: Swag is for boys. Class is for men.
Do you sing in the shower? 
Trey: All the time.
Biggest fear? 
Trey: Flying.
John: You’re afraid to fly?
Trey: Do you know how many people die in plane crashes?
John: People die by sticking their hand in a blender. Yolo.
Trey: *grumbles*
Wallpaper on your computer right now? 
Trey: A picture of me and Monica from Halloween. She looked good in a beret
Most embarrassing song on your iPod? 
Trey: Monica likes to get a hold of my iPod and likes to put random songs on it, like “Ghetto Superstar”
Top Five Most Played Song on iPod?  
Clocks by Cold Play
Imagine by John Lennon
Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews Band
You found me by The Frey
Be Here now  by Ray Lamontague

A Quickie with John Boy: 
John:  *leans in close, his breath just a whisper on her ear* Baby, it’s never quick with me.
Amy: *giggles*
Boxers, Briefs or Commando? 
John: loincloth
Guilty pleasure? 
John: cheesecake
Most embarrassing memory? 
John: I don’t get embarrassed.
Trey: I call foul
John: What? I don’t.
Trey: Not even when you had leave Melanie’s one morning and Short Stack caught you wearing a pair of her shorts that were way too short on you?
John: Touché 
Quirky habits? 
John:I guess I rub the back of my neck when I get nervous.
Pet peeve? 
John: Girls that don’t take the hint. If I’m taken, I don’t want you all over me. 
Do you have a life motto? 
John: Don’t give up 
Do you sing in the shower? 
John: All the time. Love me some Rhianna.
Biggest fear? 
John: That I’ll always be the bull. 
Wallpaper on your computer right now? 
John: Melanie in her Hermione costume. 
Most embarrassing song on your iPod? 
John: Backstreet Boys. What? They’re classic
Top Five Most Played Song on iPod?
I will Wait by Mumford and Sons
Some Nights by Fun
Demons by Imagine Dragons
The Last by Sam Thacker
Won’t go home without you by Maroon 5

Amy: Well, that's it for today boys!
Trey: Thank you, Amy, for having us on your blog.
John: *Leans in, a slight grin on his face* Yeah, Amy. I hope us coming made your day.
Amy: *blushes* yes um...*giggles*...it's been excellent…thank you so much for stopping by!!


  1. Thanks so much for having me! And that first picture would make a PERFECT Melanie and John Boy.

    1. It was a pleasure having you (and of course Trey & John Boy!) stop by!! And that picture of John Boy, was exactly how I was picturing them! Oh the hotness *sigh*


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