Review: Embrace (The Violet Eden Chapters #1)

Title: Embrace 
Series: The Violet Eden Chapters #1
Author: Jessica Shirvington
Published: March 6th 2012 
(First published in Aus October 1st 2010)
Genre: Paranormal Romance

“Kissing you is.. I tried so hard for so long to deny myself. I tried to do the right thing. But ever since we kissed on your birthday I knew once I started I'd never be able.. even through we can't..” - Lincoln

***Mild spoilers***


The story:
To be honest I was a little wary about starting this one. I have only read 2 other Angel stories in the past, Halo & Fallen and hadn't really enjoyed them, I was starting to think maybe angel books are not my think. But Embrace is simply amazing, the concept of Grigori's & their partners was good & Shirvington has obviously done her research into the mythology. This is not just a romance with a few mythical/paranormal creatures thrown in for fun - there is a really strong mythical storyline pushing the book forward, with an even balance of romance. It's an adventure as we follow Vi discovering her identity & having to make the choice of wether or not she will 'embrace' her Grigori powers.

The romance:
Wow, this books is just dripping with sexual tension, seriously *fans self*. The tension between Violet & Lincon was so intense, they just had to be in the same scene for you to feel it. What's best about their relationship is that it began as a really strong friendship, which makes their love so much more real (no insta-love, yay!!)

“Did you ever think we would be anything other than unbelievable?” - Lincoln

There is also somewhat of a love triangle, however I personally believe there is only one obvious choice (team Lincoln here!) I usually loath love triangles, but this one actually works and just adds to the sexual tension building between Vi & Linc.

The characters:
I found Violet to be such a relatable character. She responded to situations in realistic ways - like when confronted with the idea of being a Grigori she didn't just suddenly become a kick-ass ninja warrior, she was scared & unsure what to do.

Lincon is the perfect hero, caring, protective (but not in a stalkerish way) & of course hot!! But best of all he actually knows Violet - not just the obvious or superficial things, but all the little quirks that make a person who they are.

Phoenix is the 'bad boy' sort of guy, but it's not as simple as him just being the evil guy. He has so many layers & I really believed that there is some good in him (and I still do). He can be really sweet to Violet, but then can turn around & do something so evil. It's almost like he believes that because of who he is, he is meant to do bad things, and therefore does. Like he has no choice & isn't allowed to be good even if he wants to be.

The Writing:
This is a beautifully creative & incredibly well written novel! Jessica Shirvington's writing style is clean & sophisticated. The story is well structured and flows so naturally. There has also been a lot of research put into the mythology of angels, which was great to see. I also felt Shirvington handled the religious side to the story very well - at no point did the story become either preachy nor disrespectful. Weather your religious or not this book shouldn't offend anyone.

With so many books being published in the YA paranormal romance genre, I feel that books are being rushed out too quickly that they lack the proper research & editing. It's so refreshing to see such polished writing - great work Jessica!

I really can't think of anything I didn't like about this one…nope…nothing!

This is a superbly written paranormal romance and Jessica Shirvington's beautiful writing makes this one a must read! I cannot wait to read the sequel!

Sexuality: medium / heavy kissing, fade to black sex scene, mention of near sexual assault
Violence: medium / fight scenes, blood, murder scenes
Language: mild-medium / occasional use of f*ck
Drugs & alcohol: medium / underage drinking at nightclub

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