Sydney Author Event Wrap Up!

So I've been waiting for this event for over a year, and I can't happily say it was so worth the wait! This was my first big author event and it was so exciting to see so many amazing authors and readers share in our love of books.
Thank you to all the organisers and authors who made the day such a success and I can only hope that this will become and annual event!

So 5am Saturday morning I packed up my books and I made the train trip up to Sydney. Here is a before and after shot of my luggage…


I also met the new love of my life, Liam Hemsworth. 
But Drake just couldn't help but photobomb our romantic photo.

Here are all the awesome books I picked up over the weekend…just one problem, I have nowhere to put them all now?! Every single author I met was so lovely and took the time to chat, fangirl and take photos.

Rachel Brookes
I have to say I was especially excited to meet the awesome Rachel Brookes. After reading and loving her books, and chatting to her online for over a year, I couldn't wait to meet her. And she was even more lovely in person that I could have expected!!
And um *scuffs foot* see that banner behind us? I may have designed that and the postcards on the table there. It was kind of awesome to see my designs at a real life event :)

Jenn Sterling
Jenn was so bubbly and exciting, you can't help but smile while talking with her. She's also kind of tall, although according to her I'm "so cute and little" haha! Her accent actually reminded me of the receptionist, Linda from the TV show Becker ;)
And look Drake decided to photo bomb me again!

Samantha Young
Samantha's series is one of my all time favourites and I couldn't wait to fangirl over her in person! She was so lovely and just I adore her accent!

CJ Duggan
CJ was the first author I saw and she was so lovely! I was also lucky enough to be one of the first 20 to at her table and scored these adorable buttons, poster and nail file! Her books are fabulous and I'm so excited for her to have signed a book deal with Hachette!

Jay McLean
Awesome books and awesome author…anyone who bids over $200 for a cardboard cutout of Liam Hemsworth must be pretty kickass!

Lilliana Anderson
I loved reading her book that was set in Sydney and it was so cool that I'd actually been the the bar that was mentioned in the book! Lilliana was generous with her time and chatted with everyone over lunch too! We had a very in-depth discussion over the parmesan shortbread with mushy peas :P

Elle Casey
Loved that Elle made the trip over with her hubby, they both chatted and were really lovely people! Plus I now have a few spare glasses cloths - I even gave one to my mum - the look on her face was priceless ;)

Jennifer Ryder
I missed the pre-orders for her books for this event so I had to buy it online - I actually ended up surprises her that I already had the book, as she didn't know it was available online yet! :)

Laurelin Paige

Cassia Leo

Kasey Millstead

Maya Banks

R.K. Lilley

As there were so many authors, it wasn't possible to have a book from each author, so I collected signatures from each of them to frame:


Such an amazing weekend! I also got to briefly see some Twitter friends Keely and Pavan in the mad rush around CJ Duggan's table! My sister & I then finished of the day with Lindt ice cream while watching the fireworks over Darling Harbour!!

The Sydney Author Event was such as success and I can't tell you how much fun I had! The only low point was when I tripped up the stair right in front of the Firefighter's (selling fundraiser calendars). If my life was a novel, one of them would have caught me ;)

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