{Review} Off Season by Sawyer Bennett

Title: Off Season
Series: The Off Series #5.5 (Novella)
Author: Sawyer Bennett
Published: 2nd Dec 2014
Age Group: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: Purchased as part of the Naughty & Nice Holiday Collection on Amazon
Rating: 4/5

What happens when a one-night stand turns into a long distance friendship, and yet both yearn for more? 

Cady Dunne decided to roll the dice when she jumped into bed with sexy, professional hockey player, Zane Kavanaugh. It was supposed to be a one-night stand and then it was supposed to be over. 

After returning home to Dublin, Cady in a million years never imagined Zane would reach out to her. It was beyond comprehension to Zane that he would actually develop a close relationship with the Irish beauty forged over countless emails, texts and phone calls. 

But when feelings get deeper and they are both ready to take the next step, how do they get past the fact that there is an ocean separating their lives?

Maybe all they really need is a Christmas miracle… 

Off Season is a sexy little Christmas novella which can be read both as a companion to the other Off Series books or read completely separate!

The story:
Visiting her family in the US, Cady's stay is only temporary and will soon be returning home to Dublin. In an uncharacteristic move she jumps into a one night stand with sexy hockey player Zane. But when the morning comes, they both feel reluctant to let go. Zane makes the first move, sending Cady an email, which initiates a long distance friendship filled with endless emails, texts and late night phone calls. Neither of them believe a long distance relationship can work so they settle for 'friends', but how long can that last until they both start wanting something more?

The characters:
Cady is sweet, kind and driven in her career, but she's also very careful with her heart. She doesn't want to commit to something that may never happen.

Zane is more carefree, but when it comes to his relationship with Cady, he becomes quite sensitive and very tuned into her emotions, which I absolutely loved to see from such a masculine sporty hero.

The romance:
Romances in novellas are often filled with insta love and feel very rushed. But that was really the case with these two. Because we spend a decent amount of time with them exchanging emails and texts, we get to see their relationship grow with the physical elements making the love feel like lust. Once they do meet up we are treated to some sexy scenes too ;)

The writing:
Sawyer did an awesome job making the connect between the characters believed in the short space of a novella. This a perfect addition to her Off Series, BUT you certainly don't have to of read any other books in the series to read Off Season. Cady *& Zane are completely separate characters, and although characters from other books are mentioned it's only like, "we had dinner with my cousin" etc.

Off Season is a sexy little Christmas novella which can be read both as a companion to the other Off Series books or read completely separate!

Sexuality: medium-strong / sex scenes
Violence: none
Language: medium-strong / several f words
Drugs & alcohol: mild 

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