25 Days of Book Boyfriends: Ryan Stone

Let me introduce you to...

Ryan Stone
Age: 18
Hair: Blonde (usually covered in a baseball cap)
Eyes: Light Brown 
Relationship Status: Dating Beth Risk
Appears in: Dare You To by Katie McGarry

Ryan's Best Quotes:

“I hold the bottle out into the rain and watch as the steady flow slowly fills it. When there is enough, enough that Beth can clearly see, I close the bottle and hand it to her.
She raises a skeptical eyebrow, but accepts the bottle.
"It's our rain Beth."
Her head barely shakes to show her confusion while I rub the back of my neck and search for my courage. "I told you I loved you in this rain and when you doubt my words, I want you to look at this bottle.” 

This overwhelming, encompassing feeling is love. It's not perfect and it's messy as hell. And it's exactly what I need.” 

“When Beth struggles for words it means she's on the verge of saying something worth hearing. Her emotions confuse her. Maybe tonight, she'll finally find the courage to say the words I'm longing to hear.” 

“I don't lose. Do you hear me? I don't lose and that includes losing you. I'm done being kept in the dark. Im done feeling like you're slipping right past me. You are not saying goodbye to me. I'm in love with you and you love me back. You are staying.” 

Interview with Ryan:

Hi Ryan, thanks so much for stopping by today! We just have a few quick questions to ask you, so lets get started!
Q. When you first saw Beth at the Taco Bell what was your first thought?
I thought Beth was one of those hardcore Skater Girls. Beth can definitely be rough around the edges, but she’s far more sensitive and caring than I originally thought. 

Q. What is your idea of a perfect date with Beth? Where would you take her, what would you do?
I would love to take Beth to a Cincinnati Reds game. She’s never been to a professional game. Beth might act like she doesn’t like baseball, but she does. I can tell by how she watches me and talks to Scott about it. After the game, I’d take her back to my house and we’ll hang out by the pond on the back of the property. That’s a special spot for us. 

Q. Tell us about the most romantic thing you've ever done? (I think I might know the answer to this already ;)
Beth has trust issues which if you knew her past, you’d understand. When I told Beth that I loved her, it freaked her out. She doesn’t handle emotions well so I gave her a bottle of rain. I told Beth I loved her then kissed in the rain so I wanted her to have something tangible to hold onto when doubt would start to nag at her. 

Q. Do you and Beth have a special song?
“Don’t You Wanna Stay” by Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean. It reminds us of all those nights she’d sneak out to see me.

Q. Can you describe Beth in 5 words?
Tough, loyal, raw, strong, beautiful. 

Q. Beth has a very strong and independent personality, does this sometimes cause a few…um fiery discussions between the two of you?
Beth is tornado searching for a small town to destroy. It’s her personality and try as she may, she can’t stop it. To be honest, I love it. Beth says what she means and means what she says. There aren’t many people like that. Does it lead to a few fights? Yeah, but that leads to some passionate making up. 

Q. Where do you see the future going for you both?
We’re both headed to college. Beth wants to become an ER nurse. I’m going to spend the next year figuring out if I have a shot at the pros while working on my writing.
We’ll be doing all of this together.

Q. We know how much you love baseball, but what other interests do you have?
Writing is a huge passion of mine. I like to read and I also love to hang out with my friends.

Fast Five:
Guilty pleasure: Ice Cream
Quirky habits: I tap my pencil against the desk when reading questions to tests.
Pet peeve: Batters who take too long stepping up to the plate.
Life motto: I don’t lose.
Biggest fear: Losing Beth.

Thanks so much for joining us today Ryan, Beth is certainly one lucky girl!


  1. Oh Ryan *dreamy sigh* I love that you featured the rain quote because that was such a fantastic moment! Katie McGarry has the best guys! Loved the interview! Thanks so much for sharing Ryan with us =D

    1. Thanks Teresa! I loved that rain quote...the whole scene just melted my heart *sigh*

  2. Loved this and I LOVE RYAN STONE!! It was sooo great to read all those quotes and be reminded of how amazing he is.... and obviously the book!! Such a fun interview too-- love the 5 words he chose for Beth. <3 Now I want to go reread Dare You To.

    1. Me too!! After looking for all the quotes, it made me what to re read the whole series again!

  3. OMG. I LOVE Ryan too!!! He is my favorite of the McGarry boys!! I just went and read my favorite scenes yesterday since my Secret Santa gifted me it! I don't know if I've told you- but AMY. You make the best darn graphics!!!! Such a great interview! Totally swooning over here! Thanks for participating in the tour lovely!

    1. Aww thanks Jess!! :D Ryan is super dreamy isn't he?! He's just such a sweet good guy, I'm totally swooning with you hehe :)

  4. Awesome post! I really loved Ryan and this book was so amazing. Great picks on the quotes!! I loved this interview too! Gah!! This whole post is amazing and that picture, whew, swoony. Thanks for taking part in the tour!

    1. Haha thanks Chelsea! I loved the cover for this book, it's like they took the rain scene right out of my head, it just perfect! God Ryan is so swoony lol ;)

  5. Oh Ryan, sigh. I swear, that was easily one of the most romantic scenes I have ever read and I always look back on it fondly.

    AKA Vi3tBabe
    Deity Island

    1. Totally agree Vi, such a beautiful scene! I've reread it so many times :)


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