{Review + GIVEAWAY} Finding You by Elizabeth Lee

Title: Finding You
Series: Escaping #2
Author: Elizabeth Lee
Published: 20th Oct 2014
Age Group: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: eARC provided by author for fair & honest review
Rating: 4.5/5

Being the wild child has worked for Mallory Vandaveer for most of her life. She’s the good time girl, up for anything–and everyone in her small town knows it. But when her sister came home after years of being away, long hidden secrets came out. Turns out, Mallory isn’t who she thought she was. And now everything starts to feel like a lie. In order to figure out who she is she’ll have to set out on a journey to find the one man who holds the answers.

Everett Boone is in hiding. Hiding from his past and the press and the demands of a career he put on hold after tragedy struck. When a young woman with secrets of her own blows into town and rents the apartment next to his, he’ll have to face the past he was trying to escape in order to understand his feelings for her.

They’ll both have to dig deep inside themselves to discover whether or not they’re capable of being enough for one another. Finding the person you’re meant to love isn’t the problem. Sometimes the hardest person to find is yourself.

Book Two in the Escaping Series

Full of sassy witty dialogue with a fun and flirty romance!

The story:
Boone comes from a wealthy family, but despite appearing to have had a prvilleged upbringing, all Boone really wanted was the attention and repspect of his father, a pro golfer. Boone took up goft himself and pushed himself to be the best, but after tragedy strikes, Boones left that life behind him, to live a quieter life. That is until the fiesty Mallory moves in next door and shakes his world completely.

Mallory is still coming to terms with the fact that the man she thought was her father isn't infact her biological father after all. After tracking down her real father and landing on his doorstep, she suddenly toungtied and unable to tell him the truth. She decides maybe it's best to get to know him first before revealing her identy. In the meantime, her new neighbour offers some much needed distraction from her family drama. And as sparks fly between Mallory and Boone, it's only a matter of time before the truth comes out.

The characters:
Mallory is one feisty little firecracker. She's bold and outspoken, and not afraid to have a little fun. But her life isn't all sweet and easy. Not only is she dealing with discovering her real father, she's also still affected by a nasty broken heart. Not willing to put her heart on the line again, she convinces herself she's happy with casual commitment free flings. But Boone challenges her and makes her question what she really wants.

Boone was a very mysterious character. He's quite closed off at first and very reluctant to reveal any private details to Mallory. He's been through a lot recently, and hasn't really dealt with it yet. Mallory's vibrant sassy personality brings Boone out of his self and forces him to confront his past and work towards a positive future. Both Mallory and Boone are really good influences on each other, and bring out the best in themselves.

The romance:
After getting her heart broken Mallory isn't looking for commitment. But Boone changes all that. I loved that Boone wasn't afraid to admit he didn't want a one night stand. It was refreshing to have a hero that hadn't sleep with an endless line of women to overcome his past. I really respected his attitude and the way he treated Mallory. These two had great chemistry from the beginning and it just built from there.

The writing:
This story was told in dual POV from both Mallory & Boone, and I think that worked really well. It allowed us to understand both characters motivations, in particular Boone. Since much of his past isn't revealed to Mallory until later in the book, it was important for the reader to her his perspective and have him explain what he was thinking. 

Finding You is full of sassy witty dialogue with a fun and flirty romance! The characters past brings a depth and substance creating a strong and beautifully told story.

Sexuality: medium / some sex scenes
Violence: mild
Language: medium / some f words
Drugs & alcohol: mild



  1. Looks like a sweet read! Great review :)

  2. Love sassy and witty - my favorite type of book to read!! This series sounds great!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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