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Hi everyone *waves* ’m so excited to be the advocate for QUINN from BEFORE YOU BREAK by Christina Lee in this years NA Crush Tourney!! I love a swoon worthy hero and you can’t get much swoonier than QUINN!! He is one of my all time favourite book BFs and if you haven’t met him yet, you’re in for a treat!!!

So why should you vote for QUINN???


The Ultimate Tortured Soul
After tragically loosing his best friend in a car accident in high school. Believing it was his fault QUINN continues to punish himself, not really living his own life. 

He was handsome and broody. It always seemed like he had a lot on his mind.” – Ella

Heart Of Gold
Trying to make amends for what he believes was his fault, he tries to live the life that his friend will never get the chance to live. How can you not fall in love with such a selfless guy?

“I’m in deep, too. With this boy—whose kisses, bravery, and tender heart make me melt. Plus, he’s damn hot and I want him more than I’ve wanted anyone else in my life,” - Ella

NOT a Man-Whore WOO HOO!!!
As a college sports star QUINN could have his pick of any girl there, but no, he only has eyes for his girl. Certainly no man-whoring around for this baseball star!

“…he was pretty serious about baseball and school. And not about girls or partying.” - Ella

Knows How To Give A Complement!
Let's face it, doesn't every girl love a complement every now & then?! Well QUINN most certainly knows how to make a girl feel beautiful and cherished. Ella is one lucky luck lady!!

“Don’t you realize how gorgeous you are?” – Quinn

“Hey, baby. You look kissable,” - Quinn

“Goddamn. You’re gorgeous, Ella,” - Quinn

“Gabriella’s a pretty name,” he said, trailing his fingers through my hair, as if combing away my worries. “For a pretty girl - Quinn

Hot Body!
On top os QUINN's swoon worthy personality, he's also pretty easy on the eyes. As a star pitcher for his college baseball team, he's got the yummy muscly toned body to match! And let's not forget those hard working calloused hands from working on his cars *swoon*

"His height, his muscled forearms from baseball, his fit stomach and calves." - Ella

“It’s just . . . I’m sure you know that you’re hot, Quinn,” she said, her gaze generously roaming over me. “You have an amazing body.” – Ella

I felt drunk on his gruff voice. On his touch. I was hyperaware of how his calloused fingers were tracing lazy circles along my palms. - Ella

Oh YES you most certainly want to know what QUINN wants to do!!!

So QUINN is basically the WHOLE PACKAGE, with his brooding tortured soul, sexy good looks and heart of gold, he is the perfect book boyfriend!! So what are you waiting for???



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  1. Everything makes me swoon! Maybe its because they are fictional and has all the amazing qualities I would want in a boyfriend! :D


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