{Tour Review} Deep Surrendering by Chelsea M. Cameron

Title: Deep Surrendering
Series: Deep Surrendering Episode #1
Author: Chelsea M. Cameron
Published: 20th Mar 2014
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: eARC provided by author for fair & honest review
Rating: 3.5/5

She's all about rules. He lives by none but his own. When these two meet, the results could be disastrous.

When Marisol Everly’s friend Rory sets her up with Fin Herald, Marisol doesn't expect that it will amount to anything, .but that was before she saw Fin's searing blue eyes and mischievous smile. Not to mention, he seems absolutely fascinated by her mundane life. He's everything that a girl could want, but there's something else that ripples under the surface of his flirty behavior. Something darker. Something that fascinates Marisol, but scares her at the same time. Is she willing to risk falling into an abyss she might not get out of?

A Cute Romantic Story With Quirky Secondary Characters

The story:
Deep Surrendering is a spin off from the Sweet Surrendering series and will be written as part of a serial with short novellas released each month (roughly 12 novellas). We follow Marisol and Fin after their mutual friend, Rory sets them up. Their is an immediate spark of attraction between them, and after a fun night out Marisol would like to see where things could go. But Fin is very hot and cold, flirting with her one minute and brushing her off the next. The only clue to his erratic behaviour is Fin claiming he's all dark & twisty and not good for her.

The characters:
Marisol is the kindhearted good girl. She always takes the safe option and never takes any risks. That is until she meets Fin. She knows that he scares her a little bit, but she's also oddly drawn to him and his mysterious personality. And for the first time in her life, she's taking a risk.

Fin was a bit of a surprise character, especially already having met him in Sweet Surrendering. On the surface he's a confident and powerful business man, but we soon learnt that there are some dark and angry things lurking in his past that makes him a very intriguing man.

The romance:
The romance between Marisol & Fin started out quite normal - meeting through friend and going out for a fun and flirty first date. But when things start to get more intimate, that's when it gets interesting.This book is a lot hotter than her others, with some mild domination even making an appearance.

The writing:
After reading most of Chelsea's other books, I've come to know and love her writing style. However this book is her most steamy one yet! I think she may have been channelling her inner Fifty Shades of Grey!

I've been excited to read Marisol & Fin's story, and although it wasn't quite what I was expecting I really enjoyed it. I'm not sure if I'm going to like the whole domination thing as I'm not really of fan of that sort of book, but am looking forward to learning more about Fin's past and will wait & see where the story leads!

Sexuality: strong / sex scene - mild domination
Violence: none
Drugs & alcohol: mild 


  1. I agree with you - I wasn't blown away but definitely left intrigued about Fin!

    1. Yes, I think it's difficult to judge the story yet. It's like reading the first chapter of a full length novel and deciding if you like it or not. I'll definitely be reading the next instalment!

  2. interesting, throwing a mild domination into the book. I can see how it caught you by surprise.

    1. Definitely caught me surprise, as her other books haven't had that sort of thing before


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